About our logo

Costa Rica Luxury is the name under which our company has been recognized since its origins. Our registered trade mark "Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate” gave birth to decades of hard work, innovation and accumulation of knowledge and experience, in the luxury real estate industry of Costa Rica.  

Our new corporate image represents the way our company is seeing, perceived and understood by our clients.  It addresses our market niche in the simplest way and offers a transparent image of who we are.  It talks about our products, work ethics and professionalism.  It reaches to a select audience who demand a professional service, based on authenticity, experience and excellence.  By delivering true, meaningful and memorable experiences to our customers, our company maintains long lasting relationships, which are the foundation to our success. 

The meaning of our logo

The Costa Rica Luxury logo is inspired in the coffee fields and the coffee flowers of Costa Rica.

Coffee fields gave birth to the fortune of many of the wealthiest families of our nation, back in the ends of the 1800´s.  Large coffee plantations all over the Central Valley where owned by families who became the leaders and visionaries behind some of the most important high end developments of our nation. 

The fragrance of the coffee flower is known as the essence of Costa Rica.  As described by The Fleur de Cafe, "the fragrance expresses the diversity of Costa Rica:  as exotic as its tropical beaches, and natural and airy as its mountains."  It inspires elegance, beauty and richness.  Meanwhile the coffee flower's natural essence has been used to create a world-class perfume, Costa Rica Luxury represents world-class luxury properties.

Costa Rica Luxury logo